Warrington Borough Council to launch ice related injury payout phone line

Posted by James Brindle on December 9, 2010.

England, a nation of people that complain about the wrong things loudly and the right things quietly, I mean, if there’s bad food in a restaurant, we don’t tell the manager, we don’t leave feedback cards, we just don’t go again.  One thing however, that we Englanders like to do is moan about the weather.

We complain it’s too hot, it’s raining, it’s too cold.  Well, this year, meteorogical conditions have aligned according to their given seasons – in other words, we’ve had cold and snow in November and December instead of February!

Anyway, following this period of unexpected seasonal cold where gritters have actually been seen, the pavements in Warrington, Cheshire have been adorned with a wonderful ice sheen.

The roads are moving, business is uninterrupted and the hospital is dealing with a new breed of Christmas related accident – the slip on ice related injuries.

So much so that it would appear that Warrington Borough Council have elected to take the option not to clear the pavements, probably due to government osterity measures and just let people slip and hurt themselves. 

In this claim and blame culture we live in, adopted from our American cousins, it’s been deemed cheaper in council chambers to pay people out the standard slip & trip settlement than get a bunch of people out gritting the pavements.  I mean, how many people can really have those accidents.

Of course, this does make my walk to Warrington Bank Quay train station a bit quicker, there are sections of it that are downhill, so I simple point my feet, lean forward and almost ski.

Please feel free to contact the council on their new claim hotline number: 09069 252 4648 (call charged at £1.50 per minute, minimum hold time 10 minutes, recorded calls will be delted if we’re losing).

Oh, just to point out that this article is for humour’s sake, the number 252 4648 spells “CLAIMIT”.

About the Author

James Brindle is a freelance technology consultant based in Blackburn, Lancashire with over 20 years of experience in the IT, Media and Telecommunications industries with specialties in Web and Mobile Application development, Voice over IP (VoIP) deployment and integration, media storage and distribution systems and wide area solutions. He has a passion for retro gaming and volunteers as a presenter and acts as vice-chairman of Blackburn's Hospital Radio service.

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