Name & Shame: Scam, Pain in the Butt & Miscreant caller ID list

Posted by James Brindle on April 20, 2011.

You know what i’m talking about! Ring ring! Ring ring! You look at the caller ID, it reads “0012893″ or “001902″ or some number you’ve never heard of before, you pick up the phone, silence, followed by somebody who hardly speaks a word of English droning from a script and talking at you instead of to you.  If you’re having any of the following then read on:

  • Silent calls and then the caller hangs up
  • Automated voice recordings telling you that you’ve won a prize or that government legislation can wipe out your debts (or things like this)
  • Repeated calls from the same number at all times of day and night

If you’re having problems with these sorts of unsolicited calls then your first step would be to make sure you’re registered with the either Telephone Preference Service (aka TPS) if you’re in the UK or the National Do Not Call Registry if you live in the USA.

This will help reduce a number of the calls but there are loopholes in the law that some companies use to get around the telephone preference list – namely it seems that an offshore based company can call who it likes within the hours of 08:00 to 21:00 without regard for registration on the list.

I’m a UK resident and have been registered with TPS since having my own phone line but it doesn’t stop all the junk calls, so, information being power, I want to try and find out who they are and write to them to have my name removed or at least forward their details to trading standards institute if they persist.

A great website for backtracking the numbers is, they are a community site where people report the numbers and their experiences, however, this can lead to quite a lot of posts before someone finds out who they are.

What i’ve tried to do here is build a concise list of numbers that I actively block from calling me, unfortunately until Apple give us the facility to have a block list properly on the iPhone I can only do this with my landline.

My motto is that I don’t want your product, I don’t need your service and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t call you.

Caller ID or Number Company Name or Description of caller Website (if applicable)
0800 561 0056 Thomas Sanderson Blinds
01202 600001 Moneywise
01709 303702 Norton Finance
0191 543 8862 British Consumers
0843 540 0007 Unknown debt consolidation service (also uses bad caller ID 008435400007)
01933 447373 Insurance company
01274 260010 Redress Claims (insurance/debt management)
0844 688 2753 Redress Claims
0845 300 5044 An insurance company identity phishing for HFO Services
01274 260043 National Debt Guide
02920 822693 GM3 (Another debt helpline/consolidation firm)
01563 554540 McKenzie Hall (debt collection agency) also using 07624 819086
01789 473888 Equidebt (debt collection agency)
0208 417 8100 HFO Services Ltd Debt Collection
(nasty law breaking debt collection agency)
0191 224 0069 Meritforce
01252 576366 CapQuest / tel0gram (law breaking debt chasers who tell your neighbours about your debt)
0800 849 3121 Debt Negotiation Ltd
0808 131 0031 Rightmead Finance
0844 686 **** Public information announcement
0843 276 4003 Public information announcement
0203 004 3199 A2Z Finance
0141 227 2180 Easydebt Solutions
0845 372 3709 Space Kitchens (never stop calling once they’ve got your name)
0161 838 3650 Chase Saunders (call to offer loans at one amount then send paper work with different interest rates and lower offer)
0292 082 2634 Direct Phone Sales
0161 850 0757 First Step Finance
0161 443 0296 Yes Loans and First Stop Finance
01280 707291 Direct Legal & Collections (aka DLC)
0844 846 6524 Galaxy Finance
0871 524 6995 Tetris Debt Solutions
01482 483281 Wescott Debt
01252 555054 Unsecured Credit Company (aka UCC)
0161 491 7207 Better Protect Life Insurance
01792 763490 Unnamed Loan / Debt Consolidation Company
01792 311560 Craig Insurance (offering PPI reclaims)
0161 656 7884 Claims Advisory Group
0845 030 4436 Curved Air Marketing
03333 440238 Payment Shield (House Insurance)
0292 085 3500 Link Financial
0845 034 3292 Energy Helpline (also uses bad caller ID 008450343292
0207 060 3887 First Call Centre Solutions
0203 026 6482 Virus scammers – calls telling you they “know” your PC has a virus and selling your removal / protection
0845 030 4474 The Money Group (aka TMG)
(Ring you and hangup, scavenging for your postcodes etc)

That’s quite an exhaustive list of numbers and growing.

If you are having trouble with people calling you regarding debt that legitimately is yours, you shouldn’t avoid it, know your consumer rights, seek advice from either Citizens Advice, a solicitor or one of the many online forums including Consumer Action Group

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James Brindle is a freelance technology consultant based in Blackburn, Lancashire with over 20 years of experience in the IT, Media and Telecommunications industries with specialties in Web and Mobile Application development, Voice over IP (VoIP) deployment and integration, media storage and distribution systems and wide area solutions. He has a passion for retro gaming and volunteers as a presenter and acts as vice-chairman of Blackburn's Hospital Radio service.

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